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Wikileaks Ufo

Wikileaks UFO video has been officially release by wikileaks. video is a reliable source that not only released UFO videos but governments secrets of the world. Currently several governments of the world are planning to take down wikileaks bu they can not find the source. People connected to wikileaks UFO videos say in an interview they feel the general public should know about UFOs.

It shows an armature camera man with a basic camera catching the footage. No one knows where the footage came from but wikileaks ufo video is a real one. You can see a craft very clearly hovering over the horizon and do some maneuvering an aircraft is not physically able to do in this time. We are endless years behind the wikileaks UFO technology. This is definitely an advanced craft with capabilities that exceed even the brightest in today’s modern world.

The wikileaks UFO video was taken in 2009 at 2:19am. There are multiple clips in the wikileaks UFO video that are shot all around the same time the latest being around 5:30 am. In a few frames you can see 2two alien UFOS interacting with each other. It is funny that a guy is pointing his camera capturing this terrific film when the rest of America is sleeping. Did he know something we didn’t and was he in contact with the beings? Makes you thin but one thing is for certain this is some pretty heavy stuff. The wikileaks UFO video is something to show humanity that there is other beings from other worlds.


wikileaks ufo wikileaks ufo

The pictures above are still images from the video to show you in better detail the craft at the best possible frame. On the left it almost looks like a craft from Independence Day the movie. On the write you can tell its the same shape but more with a haze of fog around the craft and the light is reflecting different colors.

Wikileaks Ufo

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