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Area 51 Alien Interview

Area 51 is a secret military base in Nevada. Area 51 is also known as groom lake. Other popular names are Dream Land, Paradise Ranch, Water Town and Home Base.The base is located 83 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada. There have been employees of the base that have come forward through the years. Some of the people that have come forward are Bob Lazar, Bruce Burgess and Dan Burisch. Each of them claiming to have had contact with a UFO or personally sat in on an area 51 alien interview.

The video goes into detail about how the Area 51 Alien Interview was conducted. Some believe the alien gray in the area 51 aline interview was from the Roswell crash in New Mexico that happened in 1947. If that is the case the video is over 50 years old. Some skeptics also believe the alien in the interview was an alien named “J-ROD”. You can clearly see in the video something is physically wrong with the alien in the video. Doctors rush in to examine the Area 51 alien interview and care for “J-ROD”. There have been rumors that the alien gray died shortly after. The cause of death is unknown but age or air could be a reason. The alien doesn’t like bright light and asks if they can keep a dim light.

Do you think this area 51 alien interview is real? There have been mixed reviews as this video can be a hoax but some strongly disagree. The video is a small clip from the whole documentary about aliens, the clip is 10 minutes long. Through this short clip you will receive conclusions from scientist to Hollywood producers. The area 51 alien interview clip is not the first but is one of the most popular films that went viral.

UFOS and Aliens have not been publicly release by the goverment. Do you think this is genuine Area 51 Alien Interview footage or do you think this is a hoax? Comment below.

Area 51 Alien Interview

Area 51 Alien Interview

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